Asset Management Services

This area encompasses asset management, Private Banking and Assets servicing

Asset Management

CDG Capital performs its core business – asset management – on behalf of the CDG Group and Moroccan investors, with a dual commitment to delivering performance and service quality. This business is run by Portfolio Management’s teams and the CDG Capital Gestion subsidiary.

Portfolio Management

CDG Capital plays a crucial role in the Moroccan asset management market. As well as managing the largest volume of assets in the market, it also has a prestigious and long-standing portfolio of major institutional investors

CDG Capital manages a diversified portfolio of clients (such as pension funds, insurers, mutual societies and charitable funds), each with a personalised management mandate. As such, it matches its management style to each client’s investment horizon, risk aversion and liability constraints

Governance of management activities follows best practice in the field, particularly through the application of a rigorous investment process led by an experienced team of managers.


Through its subsidiary, CDG Capital Gestion, the bank manages a large volume of assets via a range of more than 50 UCITS, which cover all asset classes. CDG Capital Gestion has become a benchmark for third-party asset management activities in Morocco.

As an acknowledged expert in collective portfolio management, CDG Capital Gestion’s management processes are focused on achieving a steady performance and monitoring and controlling risks efficiently.

The expert teams at CDG Capital Gestion offer an exceptionally diverse range of investment vehicles and services tailored to the needs of institutional and retail clients.

Private Banking

Private Banking, another CDG Capital subsidiary, is a top-flight bank providing high net worth clients with optimum solutions for structuring and managing their assets.

Private Banking operates an investment policy honed to each client’s risk/reward targets and based on a meticulous management process.

The entire range of skills and expertise within the CDG Group are at the disposal of Private Banking, enabling it to offer innovative products and services that meet the needs of wealthy families of private entrepreneurs and investors.

This offering comprises financial management, insurance, pensions and asset diversification (real estate and art).

Assets servicing

CDG Capital offers a full range of Assets servicing designed to provide effective support to financial intermediaries, institutional investors (asset managers, insurers, mutual societies, pension funds and national institutions), issuers and private clients.

Custody services

Custody services for all client segments (institutional and retail investors) covering all types of financial instruments (order collection and execution, implementation of settlement/delivery instructions, handling of corporate actions, etc.)


Full range of services for the outsourcing of custody for the account of other market participants, leveraging on the pooling of resources, operational excellence and quality of service.

Fund depositary checks

Fund depositary checks are aimed at verifying – in accordance with the regulations in force – that fund management decisions are compliant (checking that the NAV has been calculated correctly, checking that investment decisions are compliant, etc.)

Issuer services

CDG Capital performs services for issuers of debt and equity securities:

  • Financial agent
  • Securities agent
  • Calculation agent
  • Maintenance of securities register
  • Monitoring of issuance accounts
  • Handling of the issuer’s tax affairs
  • Production of reports
Banking Services

Via its banking services, CDG Capital manages cash accounts, offering a broad selection of services adapted to all client segments.

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