Capital Investment

CDG Capital encourages investment in and promotes the emergence of innovative companies with high value added.

Through these three structures, CDG Capital attempts to address two considerations :

  • To ensure the profitability of investments made
  • To promote innovation that creates wealth and development through the use of appropriate tools.


Celebrates 10 years

CDG Capital Private Equity, through its pioneering role and leadership in investment capital in Morocco, has been supporting Moroccan entrepreneurs for almost a decade, helping them realise their business projects and actively creating value.

CDG Capital Private Equity currently manages four investment funds open exclusively to local and foreign institutional investors.

These funds cover the main capital investment activities of seed financing, growth financing and late-stage financing.

CDG Capital Private Equity is therefore structured into the following three business lines :

  • Growth/late stage financing :Accès Capital Atlantique Maroc (ACAMSA) fund CapMezzanine fund
  • Seed financing/risk capital Sindibad SA (FSSA) fund
  • Carbon trading Capital Carbone Maroc (FCCM) fund

CDG Capital Private Equity is currently the only management company of capital investment funds in Morocco offering funding for the different growth stages of Moroccan companies


The company CDG Capital Real Estate manages investment vehicles in the real estate, service and tourism sectors – areas in which it is an acknowledged expert. CDG Capital Real Estate constantly refines its structure so that it complies with international standards of organisation and governance.

  • To support the CDG Group in monetising its real estate assets
  • To promote the development of the real estate fund market by creating innovative, themed funds/investment vehicles for different asset types (hotels, retail, office, logistics and industrial), in compliance with international norms and standards
  • To attract foreign and domestic investors to finance growth-generating real estate projects for Morocco


CDG Capital Infrastructures, a 100% subsidiary of CDG Capital, is dedicated to managing infrastructure investment funds.

CDG Capital Infrastructures’ remit is :

  • to manage InfraMaroc, and
  • to provide InfraMed Infrastructure with advice on investing in Morocco

InfraMaroc (the “Fund”) is an investment fund sponsored by Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion (“CDG”) dedicated to funding Moroccan infrastructure. The fund invests equity or quasi equity mainly in greenfield projects in energy, urban and transport infrastructure

With initial funds of DH 500 million raised via CDG during a first closing in February 2011, the fund has a target size of DH 3 billion.

InfraMaroc is in an exclusive partnership with InfraMed Infrastructure (“IMI”), an investment fund dedicated to infrastructure on the southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean. The first closing on 26 May 2010 raised EUR 385 million from major financial institutions from countries north and south of the Mediterranean: Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, the European Investment Bank, Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion and Egyptian bank EFG Hermes

Given the potential of the Moroccan market, InfraMed reserves 20% of its commitments (minimum amount of EUR 100 million) for investments in Morocco. CDG Capital Infrastructures is the sole advisor to InfraMed on these investments.

The remit of InfraMaroc and InfraMed is to co-invest in Moroccan infrastructure projects. This enables them to take major positions in the most capital-intensive projects, with the potential to increase their control. The intensive collaboration between the management teams of the two investment funds and the similarities between their strategies provide an ideal platform for co-investment

InfraMaroc and InfraMed provide CDG Capital Infrastructures with unrivalled investment capacity in the region :

  • DH 500 million for InfraMaroc, which could reach DH 3 billion
  • DH 1 million for IMI, which could reach DH 2 billion

CDG Capital Infrastructures is in the process of identifying Moroccan institutional investors with a view to raising additional funds for InfraMaroc.

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