Research and Analysis

The opening up of the financial markets has highlighted the importance of high-quality, reliable, proactive, regular information and investors’ need for it.

Right from the start, CDG Capital responded to this need by setting up research teams that offer widespread coverage of the financial markets, in parallel to the financial solutions recommended by the bank.

These teams make recommendations based on analysis of the economy and of market opportunities, which then help CDG Capital’s clients and traders in their decision-making. There are two areas of focus at CDG Capital Research :

Equity Research

This unit analyses key macroeconomic and domestic equity market indicators.

In view of its cross-cutting function within the bank, there are two areas of activity within the Research and Analysis team :

  • Monitoring and information sharing : Collecting information and sharing it in real time with partners and clients via publication in various flashes and notes (news, annual reporting, etc.).
  • Advisory : Advising domestic and international investors on their investment decisions via two main communication channels :
  • A broad, generalist channel, through the publication of specific research notes
  • A personalised channel geared largely towards institutional investors

Fixed Income Research

The Fixed income research and Research team produces research notes on the macroeconomic environment and significant developments on the international capital markets and the fixed-income and currency markets.

Its tasks include :
  • Assisting in decision-making, by making forecasts based on market data and macroeconomic statistics.
  • Assuring the production of weekly publications tracking activity on the money, bond and currency market and the macroeconomic environment.
  • Producing annual and semi-annual notes presenting the figures for and events in the review period.

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