With the Moroccan economy undergoing a process of integration with the world’s major markets, Moroccan companies need new forms of finance to support their growth and enhance their competitiveness; CDG Capital’s role is to support this transition by positioning itself at the heart of the disintermediation process that is developing in the financial markets.

CDG Capital is also the key player in the prudent management of national savings and long-term assets, a role it fulfils through funds, mandates and services to both local and foreign investors. As such, its activities are in alignment with Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion’s strategy to develop a healthy, efficient and sustainable economy.

CDG Capital’s commitment is underpinned by a three-pronged growth strategy:

1. To fulfil the varying needs of a selective and exacting client base by being open to new opportunities and placing clients at the centre of all its actions;

2. To meet clients’ expectations by offering innovative solutions and top-quality expertise, while at the same time developing the market;

3. To meet its commitments and deliver services of the highest quality, consistency and security through optimal efficiency and operational engineering.

CDG Capital – driving growth in Morocco’s financial markets

CDG Capital is active in both the capital markets and asset management, and its mission is to support the progress of the Moroccan financial markets towards maturity during a phase of disintermediation.

As well as contributing to the development of national practices by creating new products to meet the needs of its clients, CDG Capital also anticipates this development.

Hand in hand with this mission is its keen awareness of its role as a catalyst for development of the country. In concrete terms, this means choosing “responsible investments” designed to ensure that the economy is adequately funded.

CDG Capital – a gateway for foreign investors to enter the Moroccan market

In addition to its activities in the Moroccan market, CDG Capital’s remit includes attracting international clients wishing to invest in Morocco. It achieves this by offering suitable products and investment processes that meet the most rigorous international standards and requirements.

Thanks to the backing of the CDG Group, CDG Capital enjoys a high level of trust, and has the necessary local market knowledge, expertise, technical know-how and operational efficiency to meet the expectations of its international clients, for whom it designs new financial structures and co-investment products.

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